6 in 48!

I’m picking up my #31Strips challenge with a secondary challenge – 6 strips in 48 hours!

Why this insanity, you ask?

I fully intended to keep this up 1 for 1, but I also fully intend to take the LSAT in February.  Also, it’s Yuletide, and those cookies, they don’t bake themselves.  Nor do the semisweet chocolate morsels eat themselves directly out of the bag while they sit out on the counter during baking.  Nom.

So with my goals in mind, and my scripts already written and ready to be drawn, I merely need to finesse the ink and pencil.  I’m doing a mini time trial not only to increase my speed, but to get myself stocked up on story-line for when I take off for this year’s Renaissance Weekend after Christmas.  I’ll be able to doodle in Charleston, but probably not scan.  C’est la vie ^.^

Anyhoo, back to the board, the game is afoot!

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