Hyde and Seek – Community Service

It’s been a rough week. My Monday Morning Sunday Comic is going up on Tuesday because I’m running so slowly. I’ve been taking a lot of what I’ll diplomatically call “smoke naps.”

Times are ragged and difficult, and not just because of the 50-day countdown and the hellacious weather patterns on the continent. People are getting into the swing of things, figuring out how to create and perform in this new Digital Theater of the Shared Imaginary, and I’m feeling left behind again. This is a pretty common emotion for autistic folks – the grief and guilt, the anxiety, the constant feeling that we’re being tugged by some unseen tether toward something we’ve left undone.

But every day is a new chance to build and grow, and every week is a potential Virtual Cavalcade of Conspicuous Creativity. It takes more than time management skills, I know. Some fresh oxygen would help.

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