The Challenges of the Wilderness

Try taking online classes with the power out, due to a blustering windstorm. I used a backup battery and my cellphone as a hotspot to upload my compiled group project (due Sunday at midnight) to the online team space – if that isn’t 21st century “uphill both ways in the snow by candlelight,” I don’t know what is.

The bomb cyclone sucked all of the energy out of. my body also, but I still mustered the strength to plug my various computational elements into my cigarette charger and drive to Taco Time. Just like the pioneers of old.

I’m trying to compile my pop-cultural experiences, and identify the meme-ish bits, for the sake of musical theater. Songwriting is potentially the worst of all things, but I don’t know if it’s easier to write a tune when you’ve got lyrics worked out, or to write lyrics for a tune you’ve worked out.

I also drown in outlines. Like I’m presently drowning in both disorganized class notes and the sheer magnitude of the things I’ve dragged out of cabinets to be assessed and condensed. I might be trying to do too much, but I’m at an inflection point. So a lot of stuff is getting tossed. And a new outline is getting drafted.

I don’t know how this fort got built, but I live here now.

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