Thinning the Veil

Last weekend was both the weekend I elected to host a Zoom meeting for my comedy team, and that I volunteered to compile my Chemistry team’s homework assignment for our Sunday deadline. Naturally, a bomb cyclone knocked out the power and internet the entire day. I choose to see this as evidence that the universe has a sense of humor.

Last year, my Halloween costume was “Obsessive Dorito Sanitizer.” This year I went with “Person with a Sinus Infection.” I think I pulled it off pretty convincingly. It’s a difficult costume, however, and I think I’m going to have trouble taking it off.

I have a lot of art projects that need to be organized. The number of loose icons on my desktop is becoming prohibitively daunting. Never mind the three school quarters’ worth of disorganized old homework projects that I have yet to sort. Some are useful. Some are garbage.

I have sketches and scripts, and a team that wants to get back together. But for now, I’ll hide candy in various drawers and call it trick-or-treating, and, in lieu of a costume, here’s a hint toward the remainder of the Lost Season.

It’s Ibsen, right?

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