• The Brutal Pile of Media

    The Brutal Pile of Media

    What kind of life are you living when you don’t have the energy to watch cartoons?

  • The Challenges of the Wilderness

    Try taking online classes with the power out, due to a blustering windstorm. I used a backup battery and my cellphone as a hotspot to upload my compiled group project (due Sunday at midnight) to the online team space – if that isn’t 21st century “uphill both ways in the snow by candlelight,” I don’t…

  • The Jedi Might Be Jerks – Part 2

    The Jedi Might Be Jerks – Part 2

    This month, our themes are Star Wars, Transition, Maturity, and Agency. We examine Star Wars, the role it has played in our lives and in our development as people, and what lessons we can take away as the door closes on an important part of our shared cultural heritage. The end of our deep dive…

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