Slave To The Needle – a Monkey Science Project

This obsession began via roundabout means.  The front page of CNN featured an art focus on a local Seattle Artist known as Moxie.

Made by Moxie

Monsters can be classy too.

I was mesmerized.  I myself longed to stab doll pieces with needles.  Closer examination yielded a generous amount of information regarding her projects and gallery showings.

I don’t know why I found it as spellbinding as I did.  Maybe it was the monsters, or the bright colors, or, as always, my deep and abiding love of stabbing.  But the candy colored abominations inspired me, and at the worst possible time

Three weeks before finals is not a good time to pick up a new hobby.

It was late at night when I ordered her colorful book I Felt Awesome, a collection of craft projects for colorful wool addicts, as well as tutorials in the basic shape formations that become 3D felt sculpture.  The book included a mini craft kit to play along with, but as I had been drawn in by her tutorials, I ordered the Octopus Friend Kit as well.


1 AM is exactly when you buy a felt octopus kit online.

Not long afterward, I was up to the wrists in soft roving wool.  And here my troubles began.

The Basics:

Roving Wool


You need loose roving wool, which is the washed, carded, and dyed wool that is spun into yarn.  Right now it’s just loose fibers.

Felting Needles

Two Individual Felting Needles and a Wooden 6-Needle Felting Tool.

You’re also going to need some felting needles, also known as THE SHARPEST THINGS IN THE UNIVERSE.  I’m a whiner when it comes to fingerstabbings, and I’ve taken more than a few in pursuit of this craft and continued without complaint.  Such is the addictive nature of felting.  Craft felt that you buy in stores is made by felting loose wool with a machine bearing thousands of these needles.

Vegetable Foam


A foam work board.  This is really going to be a smallish cube of foam, but you’re going to use it to death in between needle punches and picking the stray wool out of it when you’re done (and more on this later)

I won’t divert attention for any more tutorials, because I feel Moxie really has that domain covered.  The rest of our time will be spent covering my menagerie of atrocity.

Snot and Phlegm:

Phlegm and Snot

From left to right: Phlegm, Snot, and a Goober. I'm so lady like.

Snot solves a serious Phlegm design problem.  Phlegm can’t stand up on his own and requires constant support.  I think he’s been drinking.

Armless Bert and the Incredible Table Monster:

Left to Right: Table Monster, Bert, a Token (of my affection), Snot, and Phlegm. Digging the underbite, ladies?

Bert: So very armless.  I tried to conquer some design flaws here as well, but he’s not quite the tripod I was hoping for.  Helpful tip: Flat Base All The Way. I might also felt a washer in there for weight and balance.  We learn as we go.  That’s why it’s science.  As for the Table Monster, he’s part of a balanced breakfast.

The Island:

The Island

There was no room for the tiny charred hull of Oceanic 815.

I wanted a fiery explosion, and here’s what I got.  This was my first attempt at imbedding a foam base.  Also a vague attempt at 2D art, given the whale around the circumference.


The Goobers

No matter where you are in a room, they'll watch you.

What have I DONE?!?  Remnants become goobers.  The eyes mean they have souls. I would run.

For more on felting, I really do encourage you to visit Moxie and her Hi Fiber Kits store.  Now I have to get back to it.  My fingers are itching to punch.

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